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A mobile app system consists of a native app on an Android or iOS device. It can be an iPhone, iPad or an Android tablet or phone.  We also build the applications that live in the cloud that the mobile devices communicate with to fulfill the purpose of the system.

Software Ops is a mobile an cloud development firm of expert designers, and developers located at our offices in sunny Scottsdale Arizona. The complex process of app development is much easier when your team is able to meet in person to explore and explain sophisticated systems. Software Ops’ expertise in iOS and Android app design, cloud based server development, technical frameworks, project management, quality assurance and system operations, ensure we can take and idea from start to finish that exceeds all expectations.

From the start Software Ops has built secure personal data apps for iOS and Android.  We understand what it takes to manage personal security on a mobile device. We have expanded our expertise to included the solving of syncing encrypted data from one mobile device to another with our Syncryption service. As your interactive partner, Software Ops can build your mobile app as well as create and maintain the entire digital spectrum of your product.

Milk Logistic Systems

Milk Logistics App Softwre Ops

We have built app systems that include transportation of perishable goods, and tracking load weights and product samples.  That system uses the camera, GEO location and internet connectivity to track the goods in real time, presenting the information on a map from a web portal.

Personal Data Security App

 My Eyes Only App Software Ops

Form the start Software Ops has build secure personal data apps for iOS called My Eyes Only.  We understand what it takes to manage personal security on a mobile device. We have expanded our expertise to included the solving of syncing encrypted data from one mobile device to another with our Syncryption service.

Mobile App Design For Usability

We take care to design for both visual aesthetics as well as for usability. A great design for either a mobile experience or a browser experience, requires knowing who the users are, in what environment will it be used and what interactions are needed to make the system useful.

Only an experienced and talented team of visual designers and usability designers can produce the perfect user experience. Software Ops has one of the most talented design teams available in the mobile software development market.

Some Of Our Success Stories

We Maintain And Operate Your Cloud Platform

We don’t just build, release, and forget. Out dedicated team helps you achieve success. Software Ops will stay engaged to maintain and operate your mobile platform. We are supporting 24/7 mission critical systems for a number of our clients. We are experts at operating cloud based system and delivering mobile apps through the App Store and Google Play. We also deliver apps through the enterprise distribution process for our enterprise clients.
Valued software must always advance. Mobile software systems need the most care because both the mobile platforms, Android and iOS, change yearly as do cloud platforms. Software Ops ensures that your systems are enhanced and maintained to keep up with technology and the marketplace. Count on us.
Software Ops has been building advanced cloud application platforms for years. We do this because we can offer the best and lowest cost solution for our clients. With our experience and ongoing knowledge of cloud bases systems, we will fit your needs into the best solution.
We deploy the most advanced tools to monitor the cloud app systems we build for our clients. Then we respond to situations to ensure you system remains operational 24/7. We do that for mission critical system for some very large clients.
As your system grows, Software Ops is right there to ensure your system can handle the growth. We have multiple growth strategies to ensure we can both respond to exponential growth and to manage the cost of your cloud systems as your needs grow.

We Have Custom Software Development Knowledge and Experience

Software Ops is a team of experienced professionals with years of collective mobile experience. Our team includes skilled architects, engineers, and designers. We specialize in creating mobile platforms that support native Android and iOS applications, as well as the back end cloud systems necessary to make them fully functional.

We maintain our cutting edge knowledge of the fast changing Android and iOS platforms as well as cloud services that support cloud app deployment.

Our specialty skills include data encryption, along with secure photo and video systems. Our proprietary apps have been in the Apple App Store since its inception, accumulating over millions of downloads.


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