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Joe Michels

Apple’s Greatest Gift… Swift

From the personal computer to the smartphone, Apple has led the world in many technology revolutions. There is a new and very important revolution underway and that is the Swift programming language. There are only a few programming languages that have impacted the world, COBOL, C/C++, and Java being the most important. There is also […]

Software Ops at Google-IO-2016

Google I/O 2016

Software Ops made its way to Mountain View, California, to attend Google I/O 2016, Google’s annual developer conference. We were eager to learn the latest in technology, development, and design. Here are a few things that caught our eye. Android Apps, Instant and Everywhere With Instant Apps, Android Apps can run natively on your Android […]

Software Ops Innovation
Joe Michels

App Store Innovation Needed

“Arguably, after the software changes and accessories, the remaining piece is the difficulty in making money selling iPad productivity apps – partly because of the free or near-free products from the industry giants. On this, I suspect the App Store is the subject of a broader conversation inside Apple.”  Benedict Evans As a long time […]

Software development @ Software Ops
Joe Michels

Software Development: We’re Leaving Productivity on The Table

After watching this valuable TED Talk on introverts I realized that the software development community is leaving productivity on the table. That is extraordinarily bad for businesses who choose to put accounting ahead of production in their software company. What do I mean by this? Space costs money. Space is needed to house programmers so that […]

Software Ops Swift
Joe Michels

Apple’s Swift Will Dominate Cloud Services in 5 Years

We are at the beginning of a software development shift that will play out in the next 5 years. Perhaps sooner. The Swift programming language will be a dominant player in cloud services and here is why…. Swift will become the full stack language for millions of developers. When I say full stack, I don’t […]

milk logistics system United Dairymen of Arizona
Joe Michels

Software Ops in the Phoenix Business Journal

All of us at Software Ops are flattered by the terrific article about the milk logistics system we build for our amazing client United Dairymen of Arizona. I know that more and more businesses are going to be using mobile systems in their everyday workflows. They might as well use well designed mobile apps and cloud based […]

Software Ops Milk App
Joe Michels

Got Milk? Moving Milk with Mobile

It is our great pleasure that the United Dairymen of Arizona (UDA), approached Software Ops in 2014 to build them a, state-of-the-art, milk mobile logistics system. Today the “UDA Delivers” platform is utilized 24/7, 265 days a year to move over 13 billion pounds of milk.

The “UDA Delivers” system consists of an iPad app, custom designed to be used by milk haulers. This is a cloud based application that controls the iPads and a web portal that provides access to the users of the system.

Get to know Software Ops
Joe Michels

Get to know a developer first, then ask about price.

Over the years, I have had way too many conversations with persecutive clients who as for a price of an app or spend all their time trying to explain what their app does so they can get a price on the first call. This is complete insanity! Stop Doing that! First let’s cover the price […]

How Much Does It Cost to Build an APP
Joe Michels

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Mobile App?

Now that I have provided guidance on what apps cost, the next topic is: How much will it cost to build my mobile app? That is the question that all people ask me within the first few minutes of initiating a conversation about building an Android or iOS app.  The most ethical answer to the question […]

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