Wow! 10 billion in app store sales in 2013 and the only people surprised are the analysts who track Android shipments. The crew who have claimed that Android has won, because of all the super low end cell phones using Android that are shipping to third world countries, must be scratching their heads in wonder.

I have nothing against Android, we build Android apps for business who must support both platforms. We are in complete sync with our clients who need that cross platform support. But at this time Software Ops doesn’t have Android apps for any of our proprietary products.

The reason is simple. At this time we are growing on our revenue stream only and not on investor funding, therefore we must make prudent decisions on new products and product enhancements. The money is currently in the Apple App Store and that will remain our focus until either the market situation changes or our situation changes.  Here is why …

One thing we are seeing is the difficulty of new apps designed to earn revenue in the App Store. The apps that are for sale or have in-app-purchases are finding it harder and harder to gain any traction. (I will leave games out of this discussion, that is a completely different ecosystem with its own dynamics.) We are also noticing that apps with a history and that provide value are constant sellers. Month after month they continue to hold the top spots in the gross revenue listing.

This phenomenon presents a real opportunity for Software Ops to expand upon its strong foothold in the app market. It also represents a huge opportunity for investors who can see the future of a 10 billion dollar marketplace that is growing every year as Apple’s iOS dominates in the market that counts … people with money to spend. 

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