Before I can share Software Ops’ philosophy of customer care, first I must answer: What is “customer care” for a custom mobile software development company? 

I’ll start with my interpretation of “philosophy”. Philosophy is the study of fundamental human or business concerns and how people act to take care of those concerns.

The first point to reflect on from the definition above is how many mobile development companies even study the fundamental human or business concerns of their customers? We do at Software Ops. This is one of the many aspects of Software Ops that separates us from the competition.

For many of our competitors, their only objective is to produce the lowest possible prices for mobile development work requested. They think that the only thing their clients care about is money, therefore the only offer they produce is price. How wrong they are.

Understanding our Customer

Understanding our customer is taking the time understand why a customer has come to us to build a mobile app. What concerns does the app address in their business? Is it a marketing tool? Will it help save money in operations or generate revenue? Does it help manage people or resources? Is it a tool for education? Does the production of a mobile app solve a problem that is occurring in their business or preventing a problem from happening? Is the marketplace forcing them to produce a mobile solution for their services?

Once we understand the concerns or problems a mobile app addresses for our clients, we can help them produce a superior app, in a timeframe with enhanced return-on-investment. 

Our Customer Care Philosophy

Software Ops produces internal practices, guided by moods of care with clear definitions of outcomes that produce satisfactory outcomes for our clients. Consider the word “care”. Taking care means holding a customer’s concerns, challenges, standards and already existing commitments and standard practices as our own. We care about a client’s business strategy, operations, products, the quality they desire, their marketing and sales strategy, their ethics and market dignity.

This is strange right? Isn’t the purpose of a software development company to price low and hit impossible deadlines all while maintaing A+ quality? One would think so, except in never seems to work out that way. Mainly because people trade a lower price for a project for the less understood costs such as time, energy and lost opportunity. The number one reason for mobile development project failure is selecting price over everything else.

What matters is producing a mobile app for our customer that represents a highly-valued accomplishment for them, so they can build identity in their marketplace and produce outcomes of trustworthiness, value, authority and leadership. This is our definition of customer care.