It is our great pleasure that the United Dairymen of Arizona (UDA), approached Software Ops in 2014 to build them a, state-of-the-art, milk mobile logistics system. Today the “UDA Delivers” platform is utilized 24/7, 365 days a year to move over 13 billion pounds of milk.

The “UDA Delivers” system consists of an iPad app, custom designed to be used by milk haulers. This is a cloud based application that controls the iPads and a web portal that provides access to the users of the system.


What the most interesting thing about this is not the technology but the application of mobile technology to an industry that seems not so high-tech. I cannot say enough about the leadership at UDA to see how mobile technology could be used to help them better manage their milk hauling logistics needs. 


When UDA approached Software Ops, immediately it was easy to see that together we would work more like a partnership than a client/vendor relationship. This relationship was key to the successful creation and deployment of a complex system that is capable of around the clock operation and that is easy to use by milk haulers while on the job.

What we noticed is how our teams worked together to share knowledge in each of our domains of expertise. The UDA has a great knowledge of milk sampling and hauling, while Software Ops, has deep understanding and knowledge of mobile devices and how they work. With both teams working together and sharing knowledge, we produced a world class solution never seen before in the dairy industry. 


The “UDA Delivers”, operates around the clock and is a mission critical system that the UDA and all its dairyman rely upon. This iPad app will ensure that the proper information about loads of milk getting picked up or otherwise, is accurate. The livelihood of the dairymen depends upon getting paid properly for the milk they produce. 

The Future

What is most amazing about the partnership and results of the deployment of the system is that dairy co-ops will be able to utilize the same platform to improve the tracking of their milk. The UDA and Software Ops entered an agreement with, the leader in dairy industry software, for them to take over the platform. will expand the apps capabilities and take it to the broader dairy co-op marketplace, marketing our app under the name, Mobile Manifest.