Marc Andreessen of Netscape fame wrote an essay where he coined the phrase, “Why Software Is Eating The World.” The essay claims that software is disrupting business models well outside of traditional software offerings. For years, businesses have utilized software for customer relations, employee management, payroll, and finances. Today, businesses must build custom software that enhances their operations and connects them with their customers. There is no question that Marc is correct with his assessment, we see it all around us. The question is, how does a business that is far from high-tech deal with the current situation?

Every business is unique, providing distinct contributions in the marketplace. The software that helps each business thrive must be custom, specially crafted for their marketplace. It can’t be purchased off the shelf, software must be designed, architected, implemented, and deployed to support each specific business’ needs. Software Ops has been building custom mobile solutions for businesses for the past four years, and our clients are excelling in their marketplace. The custom software that was built for them has propelled them above their competition.

For many businesses, the idea of building custom software can be paralyzing. Although they are experts in their field, software is a new territory that they haven’t entered. There are many unknowns and obstacles to navigate. Partnering with a custom software development company can help a business explore its regions together. Software companies will have the knowledge, skills and talent that a business needs in order to produce software that will improve business. Choosing the right software development guide is essential to a business’ success, ensure you pick the right one.

Once you’ve decided to take the leap into software, put together a budget for a discovery effort to understand how custom software can help your business. We recommend engaging with a firm that can help you understand what mobile cloud based software platforms can do and what investment is required. As you share about your business and explore mobile software solutions, you’ll be surprised at the innovation that happens at a pace your business has likely not seen in years. Mobile phones are powerful computers with a massive array of sensors that can be used to collect a wide variety of information, bundled with the power of the cloud, the possibilities to utilize the data are endless.

When you choose Software Ops as your software development partner, we are in it for the long haul. Our team utilizes the power of product, design and technology, to build custom software that will continuously evolve to satisfy your business needs. Software is never done, it must be built, enhanced, and maintained to help your business adapt. Custom software development is an investment in time, energy, and money. Using our mobile experience and your combined client industry knowledge, we work together to find solutions. Take the first step, contact us and let us guide you into the world of custom software development.