We Create Mobile Engagement

Software Ops does more than build apps; we design complete mobile engagement for our clients using the IDEA Cycle. This process is critical to ensure that your investment in your mobile platform provides you the necessary return on your investment.



The key to designing effective mobile engagement is identifying the context of a mobile situation. 

Mobile usage situations are very different than usage at a desktop.


Before you can engineer a mobile solution you must discover and design mobile centric solutions.

A typical mobile usage pattern is pull the device from your pocket, engage with the app using a few taps, complete the task, and put it back into your pocket. 



Engineering your mobile engagement is where you turn your ideas into a tangible asset for your business. 

Selecting a partner to execute on your concept is the most important step in the process. Why? Because engineering a mobile app platform is expensive. Selecting the right team ensures the project is completed, first and foremost.



Analyzing your app platform is accomplished by instrumenting the app and your cloud platform.

Without the knowledge of knowing how your users are engaging with your mobile platform, you are left to guess what improvements you need to implement to produce compelling engagement with your end users.

Cycle the IDEA

Now that you have completed the IDEA process, you must do it over, and over again. You see, it is not a single step process, it is a cycle.