Software Ops and Mobile App Platform Security

Since its inception, Software Ops has been providing in app contact security through encryption of sensitive data. The current mobile app products My Eyes Only 7, My Eyes Only Classic and Photo Safe Pro all fully encrypt user data. 

Mobile App Security


We use 256 bit AES encryption for the data stored on the device. The encryption keys are created using the app access password and a salt using the PBKDF2 derivative function. This process makes cracking the key extremely difficult. It is also important to note that if one of our app customers forgets their password, we can’t help them.

We also have implemented techniques that allows encryption and deception of data in and out of iOS’s Core Data technology.  We do it in a way that doesn’t fully encrypt the Core Data database. We also have produced encryption technology that allows large chunks of data, like high quality photos, to be encrypted and decrypted in background threads on iOS to ensure uninhibited user interaction with the app. There is no impact on app usability.

Cloud App Security


We always build cloud services using secure transport layer networking through HTTPS connections.