ZipaClip is a unique messaging app with a long list of useful features. Its purpose is to put the sender in control, to safely record and share moments with only the people that they trust.

Users are able to create and send encrypted video messages up to five minutes long as well as encrypted text messages.  By design a user's messages are securely stored on the cloud - if their device is ever lost or stolen, their ZipaClip videos and text messages are still secure. A dot-lock code locks ZipaClip with a user-chosen pattern on device.

Messages are streamed to users' devices and recipients can't save or forward any message that they've received. We even put in a screenshot taken notification. If someone takes a screenshot of your message, you'll be notified and you'll know who took the screenshot. We also created a unique feature called ZipBack. ZipBack allows a user to recall any message that they've sent, even if the message has already been viewed. ZipBack can be used at any time.