Software Ops has Nine Years Experience with iOS

In the early days, iOS was called iPhoneOS. That was 9 years ago before the iPad, before the Apple Watch, before Apple tvOS. Today Software Ops can support all of Apple’s platforms. Black then we programmed in Objective-C today we also work with Swift. We can support Objective-C and create new apps in Swift.

Finding Talented iOS Developers in Arizona

Native iOS Development is Challenging

It is hard finding iOS/iPhone developers in Phoenix or Scottsdale, Arizona because of the significant demand in the marketplace. That is why you should consider working for Software Ops a Phoenix area mobile development firm, who has experienced local development iOS expertise.

Experience and Knowledge of iOS

Experience with iOS is more than knowing iOS SDKs, it is knowledge of how iOS behaves. Apps need to fit into the already existing behaviors of an OS. This included the user experience presented by iOS as well as under-the-hood system behaviors. Key aspects are battery usage, the usage of the various radio technology and use of memory and storage. Some of the most challenging aspects is how to handle networking communication with cloud services.

Developing iOS app is challenging. As of iOS 9, there were over 13,000 Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). That is means there is a lot of capability in iOS. No one person can know all the details of all these APIs. It takes a team of dedicated iOS developers to produce the sophisticated mobile apps the market place is demeaning. 

What We Know About iOS

What we know about iOS is much longer than is listed below, but here are a few areas of expertise:

  •    Advanced Networking with Cloud Apps
  •    Clean User Interface 
  •    Animations for Enhanced User Experiences
  •    Advanced CoreData Implementation
  •    Encryption and Security
  •    Fast UI Implementation with Storyboards
  •    Core Image Processing
  •    Video and Photo Capture
  •    Autolayout
  •    Concurrency